Do I need to have anything special?

Only electricity if you would like your hair blown dry and a sink or shower that you can use to rinse out color. We provide the chair, mirror, station, drop cloth, broom and more!

How do I pay?

You can pay by Cash, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Sorry we don’t accept checks.

Will there be a mess left?

Not at all. As an artist I  know that you want to keep your office, hotel or home clean. Every hair service is accommodated with a mat on the floor, so that no color, hair or mess hits the floor.

Do I need to do anything special?

Please have product free, clean, dry hair upon our arrival.

How do you rinse out color?

In order to have a color service, you must be willing to rinse out the color in your kitchen sink or bathroom.  Many clients even take a shower.

How far in advance must I book an appointment?

24 hour notice is helpful however when booking online reservations it is required with a followup confirmation. It may be possible to accommodate same day reservations. Please contact us at 949-415-HAIR (4247) for same day availability. We strive to be at your beckoning call.

Can I use more than one gift certificate at the same time?

We do not accept multiple gift certificates from the same person at the same time,

Is gratuity included in the service fee?

Gratuity is not included in your service fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Cancellations less than 24-hours will result in a 100% service charge. .

what if I am running late to my appointment?

Our artist will wait up to 15 min at your location.  If our artist is not able to provide your service due to previously scheduled appointments a full service will be charged. (deemed as a no-show).

What if I am unhappy with my service?

 If you are unhappy with your service for a justifiable reason, you may re-book within 7 days for a redo. Anytime after 7 days will constitute a full charge.

What products do your artists use?

For the most part we exclusively use Philip Martin’s Italian Organic Hair care but also use an array of various product lines, if you have any allergies or require special products please let us know before booking your appointment. If you require special products our artists are highly trained and understand your requests. Our artists are experienced with all types of skin and hair. All appointments include a consultation upon arrival of the artists. If you feel more comfortable with the requests to be addressed before the artists arrives please feel free to contact us at 949-415-HAIR (4247) and let us know.