Hair Coloring Services

One Step Color (90 min.)
One step color begins with a consultation with Jon-Paul. He uses the latest techniques to achieve rich hair color tones.

Full Color (120 min.)
Full Color begins with a consultation. From covering gray roots to toning or completely changing your color this option is for people who completely want to change the color of their hair, all over.

Corrective Color (upon consultation)
Jon-Paul is an expert at fixing hair color gone wrong.  He will work with you to achieve the color you want.

Highlights & Lowlights

Partial Weaves (2 hrs.)
Full Weaves (3 hrs.)
Partial Highlights & Lowlights (3 hrs.)
Full Highlights & Lowlights (3.5 hrs.)

Partial Lowlights (60 min.)
Full Lowlights (2 hrs.)
Lowlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra depth and richness to your color. Lowlights can be applied to work with your current color or as a contrast to fit the current trends.

Color Techniques

Bayalage, Ombré, or Hair Painting 
The hair world borrowed the term Ombré from the french word meaning shaded or shading. Ombré hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style.